Evidence shows the Mastiff has been around for thousands of years old. It is believed that the Phoeicians probably introduced the Mastiff to Caesar's legionnaires and the Mastiff breed was soon used as fighters in the arenas. Others believe the Phoeicians brought the Mastiffs to England, and the Romans then brought the breed back to Rome. However, many of the outstanding qualities of the Mastiffs were first realized by the English. With the abolition of dog fighting in England in 1835, the breed began to be used for peaceful endeavors.

Today the Mastiff is popular for its size, its dignified appearance, and its noble and gentle attitude. Mastiffs want close companionship with their owners. They instinctively want to care for the people in their home. If you are considering a Mastiff as a family pet, know that they require lots of time spent with them. Training a Mastiff at a young age to be mannerly, manageable, and useful is essential. Each week in a Mastiff Puppies life is like several months of maturation in an infant child. Do not let the trainable moments escape you as a new Mastiff owner. Puppies develop social skills, confidence, and correct behavior in these early and very important weeks. Sandyhills English Mastiffs hopes that as a new owner you are looking forward to the responsibility of being a new owner of an English Mastiff.

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