Even though Sandyhill English Mastiffs is located in the great state of Indiana we do have our puppies located in many states like Illinois and Michigan to name a just a few.  We have English Mastiff puppies for sale and are looking for quality homes for these puppies to be placed into for a lifetime.  

Sandyhill English Mastiffs are located in Francesville Indiana however we can deliver the English Mastiff puppy of your choice to you in many areas that surround us in Indiana. 

We breed the English Mastiff because it is a loving companion to its owner or owners.  We are looking for quality homes in the state of Indiana for our English Mastiff puppies.  We look for homes that know that a new puppy is a lot  of work and even though we have English Mastiff puppies for sale in Indiana we do not want to place out puppy in a home with a new family until we know for sure that it is a quality home. 

Sandyhill English Mastiffs offers great breed information for you to review before your purchase so you are aware of the breed and its mannerisms.  Our English Mastiff Breed Information page will provide you with some information about the breed, but we suggest that you read more or contact us if you would like more information about the English Mastiff and us as Mastiff breeders in Indiana.

English Mastiff Puppies From Indiana

Are you looking for an English Mastiff puppy to bring into your home and you live in Indiana?  Visit our Available English Mastiff puppies for sale page.   This is where you can find great information about the English Mastiff puppies we have for sale now as well as upcoming litters we will have soon.

Sandy Hill English Mastiffs announces the expected litter  of two of our finest parents.  When these beautiful English Mastiff puppies are born they will be available for sale....read more here.