English Mastiff Puppies in Michigan

The Guard 

The day was so hot the sun was sweating no one wanted to be outside. The air conditioning in most homes was struggling to keep the houses at a mid summer seventy-five degrees. When the broadcast come across the television we were all shocked. 

A young boy has gone missing and no one can find him. He wondered away from a local camping area during dinner yesterday evening and most of the locals had searched over night for the young man. I was shocked that I had not been called into to help. My volunteer firefighter team had all been shown on as a part of the search team and my phone had not even sounded from a text message. I thought it seemed weird so I got up to check my phone. I had plugged it into the charge last night before I went to bed but I did not check the outlet until just now and the charge was not plugged into the wall. I quickly remedied the situation and as soon as my phone had a charge it made sounds like I had hit the jackpot at a casino in Las Vegas. Over 40 text messages and calls since 8 p.m. How could I have missed the fact the charger was not plugged into the wall. 

I rushed to get dressed and find all my equipment and load it into the car. As I looked over Jake was laying on the garage floor just watching my every move. I had to quickly decide should he go with me or should I leave him home this time. The weather was so hot I could not leave him in the car, but my gut said bring him. So loaded the truck with his things too and headed to the camp grounds. I called my unit as I was driving out of the garage and told them I was on the way. They were glad I was not dead considering I never turn off my phone. I looked at Jake as I hung up the phone and he nodded to me with approval since driving while on the phone is not acceptable behavior to my English Mastiff. He was such an amazing guard dog. Even the little things like driving while on the phone he would not allow. He was simple amazing more than Lassie would ever be but not many had seen his talents. 

Jake and I arrived at the the camp site and he immediately became excited. We had been there many times and he knew the territory better than me. We met with my unit and he wiggled as if he were ready to go play. I addressed his playfulness and he sat in attention but kept his head on a swivel. He was watching everything that was going on around him. As I stood talking to my superior he bolted off into the deep brush of the camping area. Jake has never done this before EVER. So I panicked and tried to catch up with him. I lost him in less than a minute. He has NEVER done this before. We had been out there thousands of times in his 8 years with me and had never just took off.

I slowly brought my attention back to the young boy who was lost. I just could not focus on my lost dog while a young boy was still missing but I was still shocked that he would just run off like he did. I could not understand why he would run away like that. 

Hours had passed and my unit leader and I had started to pack up for the evening. We were going to start the shift switch and the evening search party was starting to show up. My evening was not going to be that easy as I still had to search for Jake. My unit leader had volunteered the stay with me for a little while and help me look for Jake. I was already exhausted I can only imagine how tired everyone else was that had been here for over a day. Just as my resolved started to wear down slightly we heard the crowd cheering and that meant the little boy had to have been found. We ran to the crowd clearing and my eyes could not believe what I was seeing.  Jake had found the small boy and walked with him to the crowd. The little boy was covered in dirt as well as Jake. My English Mastiff had found this little boy in just a few hours and I was impressed. My little guard dog had become the town hero and no one could doubt it was his fast reflexes and determination that found this little boy! 

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